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*General information is published in accordance with Article 21 of the Act on the provision of services in tourism




SHARE CAPITAL: 2.550,00 EUR share capital paid in full

BUSINESS ADDRESS: Trg Marka Marulića 17130, 10000 Zagreb, Online

MANAGEMENT: Martina Tomić, director



MOBILE PHONES:  +385 91 7645.253, +385 98 9559.413, +1 424.420.3939

WORKING HOURS: 09.00-17.00

REGISTER: Court registers of the Commercial Court in Zagreb, MBS: 081491392

EUID: HRSR.081491392

OIB:  90386732595

BANK ACCOUNT: IBAN: HR7924020061101144740, Erste&Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Rijeka, Jadranski trg 3A, Croatia


IATA TIDS Numeric Code: 96153293


COMPETENT SUPERVISORY AUTHORITY: State Inspectorate of the Republic of Croatia – Tourist Inspection, Šubićeva ulica 29, 10000 Zagreb


GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF BUSINESS: For package arrangements in which we act as travel organizers, our authorizations are established by the Act on the provision of services in tourism, and our General Terms and Conditions of Business are available at

For the services of other travel agencies whose services we sell and/or mediate, the authorizations we have and the general terms and conditions of operation of these travel agencies are available at

SUBMISSION OF COMPLAINTS: Any dissatisfaction with the provided service can be expressed by clients in written form in person at the agency’s premises or by registered mail or e-mail to the above addresses/numbers. The complaint handling procedure is described in our  Terms and Conditions available at

Terms and Conditions


Art. 1: Services to be performed

A-Way is a destination management company specializing in the production, coordination, and implementation of ground and hotel services as confirmed by the CLIENT for an agreed-upon program. Ground services, defined in Annex 1 of the agreement, constitute program services planned and organized by A-Way and executed by A-Way contracted third-party service providers, exclusive of hotel services. Hotel services are not ground services and their terms and conditions are defined in Annex 2.

Art. 2: Rates

Rates are calculated in good faith and quotations, including VAT, are valid for the services requested. Rates are based on the requested number of participants and given dates. The rates are based on the current exchange rate and local taxes effective on the date the price quotation is created. The quoted prices are subject to adjustment in case of governmental legislation changes such as an increase in VAT or other taxes.

Art. 3: Confirmation

A program is considered confirmed once the Service Agreement is signed by both agreeing parties and the first deposit is received by A-Way. In the event that no further addendum is made, any additional arrangement /agreements which the parties confirm via email after the signing of the Service Agreement shall form part of the binding agreement.

Art. 4 Payment Conditions

The payment schedule is divided between ground and hotel services according to supplier conditions. Standard ground services constitute nonspecialty services including but not limited to ground transportation, guide services, restaurant reservations, entrances, and similar. The payment schedule for standard ground services is defined below. Specialty ground services constitute specialty services including but not limited to venue rentals, privatizations, entertainment, lighting, audio and video services, printing and production services, catering services, boat rentals, and boat transfers, and specialty items and purchases. The payment schedule for specialty services is defined according to the supplier’s conditions for the individual program and may vary from those provided for standard services. The payment schedule for hotel services including but not limited to accommodations, conferencing, food, and beverages reflect those prescribed by the hotel and will be quoted as per individual program requirements. The CLIENT and A-Way agree on the following payment schedule: For standard ground services:

DEPOSIT #1: 30% of the total amount to be paid by the CLIENT upon group confirmation

DEPOSIT #3: 70% of the total amount to be paid by the CLIENT 30 days prior to the group’s arrival

For specialty ground services:

as per supplier terms

Special payment terms may apply to programs confirmed on shorter notice as well venue rentals, privatizations, entertainment, lighting, audio and video services, printing and production services, catering services, boat rentals and boat transfers, specialty items, and purchases. For all hotel services:

as per hotel terms

The deposit amounts are based on A-Way’s most recent itemized costing agreed upon by both contracting parties. All invoices are due and payable in quoted currency by bank transfer, inclusive of all bank charges. The program will be invoiced in accordance to the VAT Margin Scheme and is payable within the stipulated payment schedule. All unpaid balances will automatically incur interest per annum as prescribed by law and effective from the date the invoice was due. A-Way reserves the right to cancel or withhold any service for which deposits were not received on the dates due, or have not been fully prepaid in accordance with the payment schedule. Payments are to be made to the Bank specified on the Invoice and proof of payment (MT 103 form) should be provided to A-Way once initiated.

Art. 5 Cancellation Conditions

A-Way must be notified of all cancellations in writing. All deposits paid or due to A-Way up to the moment of cancellation will become forfeit unless otherwise agreed upon for covering cancellation charges towards third-party suppliers as per their contracting conditions. Deposits not paid on the contracted date remain due to A-Way regardless of cancellation. The CLIENT and A-Way agree on the following cancellation terms: For standard ground services:

Deposits are non-refundable once due as damages

For specialty ground services:

as per supplier terms

For hotel services:

as per hotel terms

Art. 6: CLIENT requested modifications

Subsequent to the date of this agreement, it may be necessary for CLIENT to make certain modifications to the agreement then in effect. CLIENT will advise A-Way of any modifications or corrections to the services in writing. In such event, and upon receipt of CLIENT’s requested modifications, A-Way agrees to use its best efforts to negotiate the requested modification of the CLIENT with third-party suppliers. In the event, A-Way is able to accommodate such requested modifications A-Way will notify CLIENT of the change in price, if any, and will prepare a new draft of the pertaining annex which shall supersede the previous annex draft then in effect. In the event, A-Way is unable to accommodate CLIENT’s requested modifications, or in the event, CLIENT does not approve the prices and terms set forth in the revised addendum, CLIENT and A-Way shall continue to remain obligated to perform their respective obligations pursuant to this agreement and pursuant to the annex then in effect. A-Way reserves the right to adjust elements of the budget should the program change. These include the alteration of venues in case of number reduction. Prices are based on the anticipated number of guests. Rates may increase and/or services/venues may need to be changed if numbers should increase or decrease. Any changes in minimum or maximum numbers may result in the re-costing of services A reduction in participant numbers for ground services that does not exceed 10% of the contracted number of participants will not incur charges if A-Way is made aware of this reduction in writing up to 21 days prior to group arrival unless otherwise specified in writing. A reduction in participant numbers not in excess of 5% for ground services will be allowed without penalty if advised to A-Way 20 to 7 days prior to arrival unless otherwise specified in writing. No deduction will be allowed without penalty for reductions received less than 7 days prior to group arrival, unless otherwise specified in writing. These amounts are not cumulative. Reduction in participant numbers for hotel services as defined as per terms in Annex 2. Please note that prices for TBC items contracted in Annexes 1 and 2 are for reference only and will be subject to availability and prices will be as per market conditions at the time of confirmation. Reservations cannot be guaranteed for TBC items unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Art. 7: Costs made in the destination

The CLIENT and a-Way agree that all extra costs will be paid immediately at the destination unless otherwise agreed upon in writing. All additional requested services will require the signature of an authorized representative appointed by the CLIENT, and a credit card guarantee will be taken by the hotel and by A-Way. Services confirmed in the destination at the time of program execution will be subject to market conditions.  Prices may vary from those previously contracted. The CLIENT will be held responsible as joint debtor for all claims and extra services (including but not limited to telephone calls, mini bar, laundry, service, restaurant bills, etc) incurred by his guests, on the basis of the contract, even if “self-payment by the guest” has been stipulated.

Art.8: Complaints

A-Way must be made aware of any and all complaints immediately on-site. A-Way will try to rectify the problem in real-time to the CLIENT’s satisfaction. If this is not possible, all complaints must be submitted to a-Way in writing prior to the CLIENT’s departure from Croatia / destination or 24 hours after service completion, whichever comes first. Each claim will be examined and forwarded to the suppliers for approval, after which A-Way will try to rectify the problem as soon as possible and to the best of its abilities. Claims not reported in the destination or within the given time period will not be validated.

Art. 9: Refunds

During the operation of the program, the value of wholly or partially unused services for rooms, meals, transportation, or any other service, will not be refunded unless A-Way recovers the costs involved. Prorated cost refunds cannot be made in connection with motor coaches, guides, couriers, admission fees, or similar minor items, or in connection with performing arts, venues, or other special-event tickets. In case of complaints, the amount of the refund will be based on the real damage incurred within a provided service.

Art. 10: Liability

A-Way shall act as an agent on behalf of the CLIENT in making any and all arrangements under this Agreement.  A-Way, its employees, representatives, or all other parties, agents, or organizations collaborating with A-Way shall in no way be liable for any delay, accident, personal injury, illness, strike-action, deviation, curtailment, loss of/or damage to luggage or other personal property unless such event is caused by intent or gross negligence by A-Way. CLIENT acknowledges that A-Way does not own, operate, or in any other manner exercise control over third-party suppliers for the provision of goods and services for the Programme specified herein, including the service of alcoholic beverages. Regardless of the third party supplier used, CLIENT hereby releases, covenants not to sue, and forever discharges A-Way, and its owners and employees from any and all liability, claims, actions, and causes of actions whatsoever arising out of or related to any loss, damage or injury that may be sustained due to the alleged or actual acts or omissions of a third party supplier of products or services under this contract.  Accordingly, CLIENT agrees that it will look solely to the third-party supplier for compensation for said losses, damages, or injuries. In the event of the occurrence of any major political event, unforeseen government action or Force Majeure (such as e.g. Flooding, Fire, War, Civil Commotion or Disturbance, Riots, Acts or Threats of Terrorism, Break-down of public services or Amenities) at the place where the Program is to be handled, which may affect the safety of the participants or may prevent the program from taking place, A-Way reserves the right to cancel any or all services under this Agreement. In such a case A-Way will endeavor to offer alternative arrangements or will refund to the CLIENT all recoverable monies after deducting necessary costs, reimbursements, payments or charges. In addition, specific COVID-19 Force Majeure terms may be negotiated with suppliers on a case-by-case basis at the time of program confirmation if required. The CLIENT will ensure that any services directly contracted by the CLIENT and not supplied by A-Way meet all local and national requirements and are properly and fully covered by the CLIENT’S insurance policy. The CLIENT will submit to A-Way, in writing, all details of the above-mentioned services for approval by the venue in which they will be used if said venue is contracted through A-Way.  The CLIENT accepts full responsibility for any omissions or errors in communication as well as any consequences arising from non-compliance with laws, regulations, and terms.  A-Way will in no way be held responsible. The CLIENT is responsible for ensuring that participants’ travel documents are in order and comply with all local requirements (passports, visas, etc). The CLIENT will insure itself against injury, lost luggage, repatriation, and similar. A-Way cannot be held liable for the traveler’s failure to comply with those formalities or insurances. A-Way and CLIENT both agree to carry general liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage on their employee as applicable in at least the minimum amount required by the law. CLIENT will be responsible for the acts or omissions of its employees, agents, members, guests, or invitees. The CLIENT will also be held responsible for any damages caused by the gross negligence of and/or willful misconduct by the participants and /or staff to property in the destination (including, but not limited to jeeps, boats, scooters, cars, buses, rooms, furniture, restaurant/sports equipment, arts and decorations, any technical equipment provided by A-Way or any third party). When self-driving is conducted at the destination, a credit card guarantee will be requested from the CLIENT or from each participant individually. The CLIENT (agency or company representative who is inviting the participants) is responsible for advising their participants of any and all possible risks involved in taking part in such an activity and should accept liability for his/her own safety. A-Way disclaims responsibilities for any losses, accidents, changes of schedule, or any irregularities caused or arising from circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to the behavior of registered participants or CLIENT employees. No liabilities shall be taken for loss of personal property or personal injury. The CLIENT is responsible for monitoring participants’ alcohol consumption.  A-Way reserves the right to deny intoxicated participants access to planned activities. A-Way is not to be held liable for damages by or injury to intoxicated participants.

Art. 11: Confidentiality and Data Protection

Contracting parties agree that all information contained here within will be held as confidential and will not be released to third parties without the direct and written consent of the affected party. During the preparation of the program, it may be necessary to provide third parties with the personal data of individual participants in order for contracted services to be executed successfully. For this purpose, A-Way has in place the necessary procedural, technical, and security measures required to temporarily store, transfer and delete such data in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679. By signing this agreement, the CLIENT confirms that he is in the role of the data controller while A-Way is in the data processor with all responsibilities and obligations that apply to each respectively. The CLIENT is solely responsible for informing and obtaining consent from individuals whose data they will be collecting, including informing them that this data may be transferred within different countries, both European Union and non-European Union entities as the program will require. The CLIENT will provide to A-Way, if requested, proof that such consent has been received. A-Way takes responsibility for personal data provided by the CLIENT in accordance with internal Data Protection procedures only in the event that such information is clearly marked as “Confidential Personal Data” by the CLIENT and the scope of which this information can be used is clearly defined.  This includes but is not limited to, providing authorization for the transfer of such information to those third parties for whom this information is a necessary element for the execution of the contracted program. A-Way will delete all personal data received from the CLIENT 30 days after program completion unless its storage is otherwise required by law. A-Way warrants that any personal data that is collected pertaining to the CLIENT’S employees and agents will only be used for the purposes directly associated with the program and for the purpose of doing business.  These individuals will have adequate access in order to amend, oppose or request deletion of this information.  All such requests are to be received by A-Way in writing. In the event of a suspected or actual data breach, A-Way will inform the CLIENT in the shortest possible timeframe. All of the above is in accordance with the current implementation of legislation and is subject to adjustment, if necessary, of which the CLIENT will be advised. By signing this agreement, the CLIENT accepts that data processing will be carried out on personal data that has been provided in accordance with the Data Protection Regulation for the purpose of providing the confirmed services and fulfilling legal obligations.

Art. 12:Gratuities

Gratuities are customary and range from 5%-10% of total services.  They are not included in A-Way rates and are at the CLIENT’S discretion.

Art. 13: Disputes

Contracting parties agree that any dispute or disagreement resulting out of or in connection with the services provided by A-Way will be settled through mediation. If an agreement between A-Way and the CLIENT cannot be reached through negotiations the dispute will be settled in Croatia at the Commercial Court of Zagreb.

Information On Personal Data Processing


A-Way acknowledges and respects your right to the confidentiality of the personal data and undertakes to ensure the security of personal data collected through A-Way collects, processes, and keeps your personal data in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable regulations. Data will not be transmitted to third parties or transferred to third countries unless required for the provision of contractual services (e.g. accommodation, airline company, carrier, insurance) or for the exchange of personal data with our partners in order to provide services. Further use of will be deemed as your acceptance of all terms and conditions set out below.


Your personal data are collected and used only based on the data you voluntarily provided to A-Way by using The collected personal data are stored both in electronic and hard-copy form and all appropriate technical and organizational measures are implemented to prevent a personal data breach. Emails containing your personal data will be used by A-Way only to fulfill your requests.


The booking of accommodation, a trip, or other services provided by A-Way requires only the personal data of the reservation holder who must be of full age (e.g. name, address, contact phone, etc.) and the data of other users of the service (e.g. name, date of birth). Only the data required for the provision of the service will be available exclusively to our partners in the provision of the service (e.g. accommodation, transfer, insurance, tour escort). The payment data (e.g. credit card number, date of expiry) are specially protected and will be made available only to banks i.e. credit card companies for authorization of payment.


Cookies allow A-Way to gather statistics on user behavior on (e.g. in which parts of the website users stay the longest and the shortest), which browser is used, and so on. A cookie is a small piece of data sent from A-Way website and stored on a user’s computer and it serves as an anonymous identifier. Cookies also facilitate the use of the website and navigation through it (e.g. you don’t have to re-enter your data every time you visit the website). Cookies are not used to access user data or to track users’ activities after leaving A-Way’s website. A-Way reserves the right to use cookies on its website, but the user can choose to disable cookies by customizing/changing the browser settings. A-Way’s cookies do not collect any personal data of our customers, but third-party cookies do. If you want more information, you can visit Google’s website (

  1. LINKS

A-Way’s website may contains links to other websites (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, hotels, airports, weather forecasts). Please note that A-Way cannot be held liable for the observance of privacy on said websites. Therefore, we advise our users to read the Privacy Statement of each website they visit.


Contact information, such as your name and email address, is required in case you want to receive promotional material from A-Way. Promotional materials include information on services and special offers, and newsletters. The service can be disabled at any time by clicking the „Unsubscribe“ link in the footer of any email your receive from us or by sending a request for removal from our digital marketing mailing list to


A-Way takes all security measures to protect our users’ data during their input, transfer, processing, and storage. Access to data is limited to the employees dealing with your enquiries and requests. Users can request at any time a notification on which data is processed by A-Way, or rectification or erasure of personal data, by sending the request to


In case of changes to our privacy policy, a respective notification will be published on this website to inform the users of such amendments.

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